Real Estate Wholesale  A FULL SERVICE INVESTOR SOLUTION first year potential doing Real Estate Investments.

The “Investor Concierge” can help make your real estate activities more profitable, productive, and less time consuming. This incredible investing system, is designed to magnify the potential to grow your real estate investment portfolio in half the time.

Utilize Your Personal Real Estate Resource

The Investor Concierge is a restricted use, private web portal which provides within its framework a network of real estate acquisition specialists whose purpose is to locate the deals, bid and manage the renovation if desired, assist in the financing and securing of management companies and/or tenants.

Build a Better Portfolio

As soon as you obtain this “System” you will be sent, via e-mail, a link to the Investor Concierge where you will be asked a few simple questions about your preferences in building your real estate portfolio. Once you accept the terms and conditions and submit your information you will then be sent, via your private e-mail address, your Investor Concierge login and password.


Based on the investment criteria and other requirements, you will be placed into the buyers queue and your Investor Concierge web portal will be activated.

Real Estate Acquisition Made Easy

Congratulations! The world of real estate investing, as you have known it, has just become a whole lot easier! You will be able to start the acquisition process for selected properties, track the investment properties progress, monitor your existing property portfolio, and maintain a database of your personal financial information and preferences.

We believe that the benefits and having use of the Investor Concierge web portal, will make building a real estate investment portfolio a whole lot LESS work and a whole lot MORE fun. It is our goal to make your road to financial freedom “a breathtaking journey, with limitless enlightenment and joy.”


If you’re an Investor and simply want to invest part of your equity with us, our Real Estate Acquisition Team has an inventory of homes, multi-units, condos, new construction, and foreclosures with high appreciation in the fastest growing cities in America.

We renovate these properties, tenant the properties on 2-yr. lease options and will also manage the properties on your behalf.

You can acquire these properties with Positive Cash Flow and with 10% – 20% equity.